I passed the Linux Essentials exam

The LPI Linux Essentials certification demonstrates fundamental knowledge of the open source industry, an understanding of the major components of the Linux operating system, and technical proficiency in the command line.

I had fun studying for this certification. I picked up the majority of my Linux skills in a piecemeal way through occasional projects over the years, so it was nice to sit down and learn the basics in a logical, progressive manner. Many concepts rattling around in my head gelled in satisfying ways.

How I studied

The bulk of my learning took place through LinuxAcademy.com’s Linux Essentials course. The course contains 14 hours of video lectures, and several practice tests. I found the course to be well-structured and the instructor’s presentation clear, and concise.

My methodology was watching the lectures in order and taking notes. For lessons involving the command line, I created a CentOS 7 virtual machine on my workstation and followed along, typing commands. I also studied a few of the flash card sets contributed by LinuxAcademy users. These cards were useful in memorizing relevant commands.

For more depth, I read through sections of LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide—though it’s not necessary to read this book to pass the exam.

Mistakes I made

I should have spent more time studying popular applications for desktop Linux distributions. I saw at least 2 questions on this topic and I’m fairly certain I got both of the questions wrong.

There was also a question about selecting which distros use the RPM package manager. I didn’t remember one of them (Mandriva).

Yet another mistake I made involved the mv command. The question was along the lines of, “You want to move /dirA and all of its contents to /dirB. Which is the correct command?” I had the correct answer narrowed down to two options, essentially:

mv /dirA /dirB


mv -R /dirA dirB

I chose the command with the -R option, which is definitely wrong. There is no -R option available with mv.

Where to go from here

The next exam on this path is the LPIC certification exam, but I think RHCSA would be more beneficial to my career.