Greetings, I'm Orion!

Welcome to my home on the Web.

I'm a cloud infrastructure engineer and web developer living in NYC. I like classical music, gaming, sci-fi, and yoga.

Orion Anderson


Sailing from Gatsby to Astro
May 27, 2024
My Gatsby story and sailing to fresh water.
Delete Untagged Images on Google Artifact Registry
October 19, 2021
Using Cloud Build and Cloud Scheduler
Precompressed Brotli and Gzip with Caddy
January 18, 2021
You are serving your website with Caddy. Great! You’re an awesome person. Become even more awesome and serve your assets using the exciting Brotli compression algorithm.
Updating Launch Template AMIs with Lambda
March 1, 2020
Update launch template AMIs and roll them out to your auto-scaling group with AWS Lambda and Python.
Create a Webhook with AWS Lambda
January 17, 2020
Create a simple webhook for your automation with AWS Lambda and Python.
Moving from Hugo to Gatsby
January 5, 2020
I moved my site from Hugo to Gatsby and now it's fast as hell.
Edtech Meetup
September 12, 2018
Let's plug little Johnny into the Matrix.